The HIBAR Research Alliance webinar series provides a forum for research leaders to share their experiences related to a variety of aspects of HIBAR research. Some of the webinars in the series highlight a particular HIBAR project, and the discussion focuses on aspects and challenges of the HIBAR research process that may be different from other forms of research. Others focus on issues related to HIBAR research more generally within the research ecosystem, and the discussions highlight steps that can be taken at the institutional level to enable more of this type of work.

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The Educating for American Democracy initiative embraced complexity and controversy to achieve unexpected consensus
How psychology and economics can be brought together to inform and drive policy
Research leaders share complex and impactful projects, and key insights that are translatable to other research opportunities
Understanding possible connections between the microbiome and the central nervous system to identify therapeutic targets
Building the Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM) network to catalyze lasting change in the research ecosystem
Enabling a platform for HIBAR research projects designed for collaborative research, teaching and advocacy
Developing a new digital imaging technology to preserve fragile and deteriorating recordings with historical significance
Understanding fish genetics and metabolism in order to adapt fish and fish feed to sustainably meet global food demands
Developing and deploying new knowledge and tools to slow the trade in illegal logging and help conserve forest ecosystems
Using AI to develop a tool that enables clinicians and patients to identify early warning signs related to heart failure