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The HRA relies on volunteers like you – both individuals and organizations – to take action!

Quick and easy actions that everyone can take

  • Share our website with others who can help to encourage HIBAR research.
  • Sign up for our newsletter.
  • Read our strategic plan and let us know your thoughts.
  • Review our resources and let us know how they could be improved.
  • Learn from others by watching our webinar recordings.
  • Suggest a HIBAR project that we can showcase or a topic for our webinar series.
  • Share your own HIBAR research experience with us.
  • Send us a pro tip that you’ve used to encourage, initiate, or participate in a HIBAR project.
  • Let us know about a HIBAR research barrier that you have faced.
  • Let us know how our website could be more useful to you.
  • Join one of our upcoming events.
  • Let us know about any HIBAR research related events that we can highlight.
  • Consider if your organization could become an HRA Institutional Member or Affiliate.

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Actions you can take, depending on your interests: