The HIBAR Research Alliance (HRA) brings together contributors who share the vision of an improved research and innovation ecosystem that better contributes to solving society’s critical problems. The activities of the HRA are aimed at deepening collaborations between university-based researchers and non-academic partners, in order to speed development and application of breakthrough knowledge to address society’s pressing problems.

The Alliance’s efforts focus on projects that are partnerships of academic researchers and societal experts. Together, they collaborate deeply to discover new knowledge while also working to solve important societal problems. This is a time-honored form of research that, until 2017, lacked a name and the label “Highly Integrative Basic And Responsive”, or HIBAR, was developed to emphasize its integrative and recursive characteristics.

The HRA invites individuals, from all areas of the research and innovation ecosystem, to participate in its activities aimed at catalyzing cultural and structural change within universities so they can be more active partners in the larger innovation ecosystem.

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