Join one of our HRA activities:

Most activities of the HRA are conducted by small, focused working groups comprised of individual contributors from a wide range of organizations and interests, regardless of whether they are associated with an organization that is a member of the HRA.

There are two main types of working groups:

Collaborative Action Groups (CAGs) carry out longer-term, intervention-related activities, typically related to the changes within organizational culture that are required for the HRA to achieve its mission. Each CAG focuses on a specific aspect related to bolstering HIBAR research, and it has an evolving, clearly articulated action plan.

Task groups are much shorter-term efforts, focusing on specific tasks with clear deliverables. Some tasks may be relevant to the work of several CAGs, though for coordination purposes, each task group is designated as being associated with one particular CAG.

This task group structure is advantageous because:

  • individual contributors can focus on specific tasks that are of particular interest to them, regardless of whether they are a member of the “home” CAG for that task group;
  • contributors can participate more readily in CAG activities on a flexible basis, as their schedule allows; and
  • contributors can work asynchronously, which will make it more practical for people in different time zones to collaborate on CAG activities.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining one of our CAGs or task groups.