How the HRA Coordinates Its Activities

Activities of the HRA are conducted by numerous small, focused working groups comprising individual contributors from a wide range of organizations and interests. These Collaborative Action Groups (CAGs) identify and coordinate activities that are necessary to encourage the cultural and structural shifts needed to increase the quantity and quality of HIBAR research projects.

Current CAGs are focusing on these topics:

  • Making changes in the academic incentive system to encourage HIBAR research projects
  • Facilitating HIBAR research projects across disciplines
  • Cooperating with other organizations to encourage HIBAR research projects
  • Building awareness and understanding of HIBAR research projects
  • Developing and sharing metrics and assessment for HIBAR research projects

Each CAG has assembled several small, short-term task groups, each focusing on a specific related task with a clear and near-term deliverable. The task group arrangement makes it practical for an individual contributor to find one or more specific tasks that suit their interests. This enables them to participate on a flexible basis as their schedule allows, and asynchronous work makes it more practical for people in different time zones to collaborate on HRA activities.

You can learn more about each of our Collaborative Action Groups here.