Assessing the number and quality of HIBAR research projects underway

  • Apply our preliminary HIBAR rubric to evaluate your projects, and let us know your thoughts about the effectiveness of the language used to describe the rubric.
  • Join our task group that is developing the rubric.
  • Let us know if you are aware of other metrics that are used to assess or categories research that is intended to have impact.
  • Encourage a colleague to evaluate our preliminary HIBAR rubric.
  • Suggest how we might carry out a pilot study to assess number of HIBAR projects underway today in your organization.
  • Suggest approaches that we could take to assess the quality of a HIBAR project at the very early (proposal) stage of the project.
  • Suggest helpful resources related to best practice in assessment and metrics for research.
  • Suggest specific studies that we could conduct to assess either the number or quality of HIBAR research projects.