An Institutional Change Project

Building the Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM) network to catalyze lasting change in the research ecosystem

February 2021

Prof. Jerry Davis and Prof. Anne Tsui shared their experience in building the Responsible Research in Business and Management network (RRBM), a global grassroots movement led by 24 senior scholars aiming to change the ecosystem of business research to be more useful to society. RRBM’s mission is to solve two main problems: (1) questionable research practices that threaten the credibility of scientific findings and (2) the disconnect between researchers’ priorities (publications, citations, careers) and the needs of the communities of practice (credible knowledge to inform and improve practice).

The webinar focused on concrete actions and projects initiated along the way to catalyze key stakeholders — journal editors, academic association leaders, deans and vice deans, senior scholars, and accreditation agency leaders — to take small but meaningful actions as part of a broader ecosystem change. They reported some small wins and lessons they have learned so far from attempting to change an entrenched and deeply engrained research ecosystem that has dominated business research practices in the past.

Watch the full webinar recording and a short video with key takeaway messages below. 

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Key Takeaway Messages

  • The research ecosystem is highly interconnected and self-reinforcing.
  • It takes collective action to change an ecosystem.
  • Recruit allies who really care about the problem.
  • You can’t solve every problem at once.
  • Small wins add up if you are persistent.


Watch the full webinar recording

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