Breakthrough Strategies to Accelerate Team Research

Research leaders share complex and impactful projects, and key insights that are translatable to other research opportunities

April 2021

In this webinar, we heard from research leaders about complex and impactful projects, and initiated a dialogue to investigate if their key insights are translatable to other research opportunities. This joint webinar was hosted by the University of California Davis Office of Research.

Watch the full webinar recording and a short video with key takeaway messages below. 

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Key Takeaway Messages

  • Be prepared to work outside your comfort zone.
  • Committed support by the university administration is key.
  • Universities are capable of responding very quickly to urgent societal needs.
  • Societal stakeholders must be involved in the research from the beginning.
  • It is essential for the research team to have a shared vision of the project goals.
  • We can apply these lessons to tackle other global challenges.    
  • Building a strong HIBAR research foundation can enable new HIBAR projects to flourish.              


Dr. Richard Michelmore

University of California Davis
Deployment of a rapid, saliva-based testing program for SARS-CoV-2

Dr. Randy W. Larsen

University of South Florida
Facilitating HIBAR Research through Coordinated Institutional Research Networks

Dr. Sylvia Wilson Thomas

University of South Florida
Using big data to fight COVID-19

(NSF-RAPID project)

Watch the full webinar recording

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