The HIBAR Research Alliance webinar series provides a forum for research leaders to share their experiences related to a variety of aspects of HIBAR research. Some of the webinars in the series highlight a particular HIBAR project, and the discussion focuses on aspects and challenges of the HIBAR research process that may be different from other forms of research. Others focus on issues related to HIBAR research more generally within the research ecosystem, and the discussions highlight steps that can be taken at the institutional level to enable more of this type of work.

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Approaches for enabling HIBAR research
A landscape scan of promising steps taken by universities
An overview of the Promotion & Tenure – Innovation & Entrepreneurship (PTIE) effort
The University of Maryland’s Department of Psychology Leads the Way
Researchers and Practitioners Partner to Transform Education and Stimulate Teaching and Learning Excellence
A targeted funding program enables research institutions to shift their policies and practices to value collaborative research
Lessons Learned through a Highly Integrative Basic and Responsive Research (HIBAR) Approach to COVID-19
Providing students with the tools they need to produce more inclusive, accurate, and ultimately impactful research results
Building the Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM) network to catalyze lasting change in the research ecosystem