What is the HIBAR Research Alliance?

The HIBAR Research Alliance (HRA) is a diverse network of both individual contributors and organizations, all of whom recognize that progress toward solving society’s critical problems can be greatly accelerated by integrating basic and applied research within individual research projects, and this integration is more effectively achieved when university-based researchers and non-academic researchers work together as equal partners.

HIBAR research at universities is not a new phenomenon, but contributors to the HRA believe that the time is ripe for significant increase in that activity. The stated goal of the HRA is to facilitate that increase four-fold over the next decade.

The HRA is largely decentralized, with most activities carried out by a coordinated system of volunteer committees working with leading experts throughout the worldwide research community. It facilitates collaborative action through existing and emerging networks in the research and innovation community, in order to help achieve the cultural and structural changes within universities that can enable more HIBAR research.

In the short video below, Alliance Director Lorne Whitehead describes the HIBAR Research Alliance, and the plan for increasing the amount of HIBAR research in universities.


Who can participate in the Alliance?

Everyone! All interested organizations and individuals are sincerely invited to participate in the HRA.


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Vision, Mission and Goal