Collaborative Action Group on Facilitating HIBAR Across Disciplines and Sectors

This Collaborative Action Group is working to catalyze the creation of new HIBAR research projects, in particular by promoting collaborations across academic disciplines. Activities supported by this CAG will result in more meaningful connection and collaboration among researchers in different disciplines. This will help to build a greater number of trusted relationships which will build a stronger organization and it will strengthen the understanding that an increased focus on cross-disciplinary HIBAR collaborations will not decrease the focus on basic research.

In 2019, the CAG initiated a webinar series as a forum for participants in the HRA community to share their knowledge and experience. Initial webinars in the series highlighted a particular HIBAR project, and the discussion focused on aspects and challenges of the HIBAR research process that may be different than in other forms of research. Key takeaway messages from the webinars are shared in brief video clips here.

It is recognized that new HIBAR projects often have difficulty accessing research funding, since their integrative nature combining both basic and applied research often means that these projects do not easily fit into funding programs that are aimed specifically at either basic or applied projects. This CAG is exploring ways to reduce this barrier to new projects, such as by identifying and sharing upcoming funding opportunities that are particularly well suited for supporting HIBAR research, and designing a seed funding program specifically intended to encourage HIBAR projects.

The CAG also aims to organize a number of activities that would help to connect people across campus in disciplines that may not typically work together, with the intent that these cross-disciplinary discussions could lead to new HIBAR research collaborations. These may include organized research meetings related to a theme focused on a societal need, events to highlight existing cross-disciplinary HIBAR research projects or informal discussions to connect faculty members and build awareness of HIBAR. The group aims to have substantial participation of non-university participants in these events whenever possible.

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