Collaborative Action Group on Cross-organizational Cooperation

The HRA is a small organization, and it can cooperate with other related organizations to expand its reach and achieve its objectives. The goal of this Collaborative Action Group is to identify and nurture the relationships needed to promote cross-organizational cooperation.

The group has identified a number of organizations with goals that are synergistic with those of the HRA, especially relating to impact of research and organizational change in general and, specifically, increasing engagement between universities and society. Recently, we have had a number of collaborative activities with these organizations, including:

  • In April 2020, the HRA presented a session at the Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS) Broader Impact Summit. The session, called “Harnessing creative tensions to enhance fundamental research in service to society”, was designed as an interactive workshop, and intended to offer suggestions of actionable steps that researchers can take to more fully integrate aspects of fundamental and applied research within a project.
  • In June 2020, The National Academy of Inventors (NAI) hosted an HRA workshop on making changes in the academic incentive system, as part of their virtual ScholarShare This workshop was organized by the Incentivizing HIBAR CAG, as part of their activities to share their discussion paper.
  • In February 2021, the HRA will be presenting a session at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting, titled “Enhancing diverse collaborations in the research ecosystem”. This session is a valuable opportunity for the HRA to work with AAAS and to connect with a broad audience of key stakeholders.

In order to achieve the goal of boosting HIBAR research, there needs to be an increase in HIBAR-friendly funding program to support it.  The topic of funding for HIBAR research is perhaps the most central area of potential collaboration and it is a significant area of focus for this CAG. Key ongoing activities of the CAG are aimed at developing collaborative relationships with key allied stakeholder organizations, as well as developing a better understanding of the overall research ecosystem, specifically related to HIBAR research activities.

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