Collaborative Action Group on Making Changes in the Academic Incentive System to Encourage HIBAR Research

The goal of the Academic Incentive Systems CAG is to help universities better reflect their social contract with stakeholders by aligning academic incentive systems, specifically with regard to promotion and tenure processes, to encourage more and better HIBAR research.

The CAG has prepared a discussion paper intended to initiate discussions about the need for changes in the academic incentive system. To prepare this discussion paper, the group identified people at all levels within the promotion and tenure system at different universities and in different fields. They conducted interviews and through these interviews identified a number of barriers in the current system that discourage faculty members from participating in HIBAR research projects.

The discussion paper identifies specific groups of people in positions of influence, and it lists suggested actions that individuals in these groups could take to cause meaningful change. The intent is that the discussion paper will be an evolving document, developing as additional people participate in conversations and figure out how best to lead the needed changes. A significant focus is on identifying small, easy actions that people can take, acknowledging that many small actions can add up to a significant positive change.

Key ongoing activities of the CAG are aimed at initiating generative discussions with people who are in a position to cause meaningful and lasting change.  These activities include:

  • Identifying approaches for more broadly sharing the discussion paper and generating conversations;
  • Identifying potential universities willing to explore changes within their own institution, so we can learn from partnering with them; and
  • Identifying key audiences with whom to hold workshops or other interactive events, whereby specific actions can be initiated.

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