Metrics and Assessment of HIBAR Research

Many HRA discussions have highlighted the need for identifying, quantifying, and tracking both the number and the quality of HIBAR projects, as well as accurately assessing their societal and scholarly value.

This Collaborative Action Group is comprised of a core group of members that works collaboratively to collect and develop assessment resources and undertake assessment studies. The work of this team is guided by a diverse group of international experts willing to share their expertise. Anticipated activities of this CAG include:

  • Develop guidance on how to identify HIBAR projects, and establish a baseline of the current fraction of HIBAR projects underway in universities
  • Develop guidance on how to assess the quality of a HIBAR project at different stages
  • Document existing evidence on the value of HIBAR research
  • Develop a depository of resources on relevant good practice in assessment and metrics
  • Finish drafting metrics to monitor progress on the HRA strategic plan
  • Undertake studies to add to evidence of the value of HIBAR research

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