Community Engagement and Public Scholarship

UC Davis Team Research Forum, hosted on May 20, 2022


On May 20, 2022, The UC Davis Office of Research and UC Davis Public Scholarship and Engagement hosted an online forum with the HIBAR Research Alliance. The session focused on projects with strong cross-sectoral partnerships, highlighting the community engagement and public scholarship components. It also highlighted the relevant expertise and resources available to the UC Davis research community.

Speakers included:

  • Tessa Hill, Assoc. Vice Provost of Academic Programs in Public Scholarship & Engagement
  • Isabel Montañez, Director of the Institute of the Environment
  • Catherine Brinkley, Faculty Director of the Center for Regional Change
  • Bernadette Austin, Executive Director of the Center for Regional Change
  • Sarah Rebolloso McCollough, Associate Director of the Feminist Research Institute
  • Lorne Whitehead, Director of the HIBAR Research Alliance
  • Scott Slovic, Associate Director of the HIBAR Research Alliance

This forum related to the HRA’s efforts to collect and share current good practices in forming, implementing, and sustaining the deep cross-sectoral partnerships with external organizations that are needed for HIBAR research projects to be successful.