Collaborative Action Group on Building Awareness and Understanding of HIBAR Research

The goal of this Collaborative Action Group is to build widespread awareness, understanding and appreciation of the value of HIBAR research arising from the combination of its special characteristics. CAG activities are aimed at significantly increasing the number of people who understand and value HIBAR research and have bought in to help advance it.  This requires that the HRA have a concrete strategy for communication that generates specific action toward increasing support for HIBAR research, not just awareness of it.

The communication strategy is closely connected to the work of other CAGs, so there is need for collaborative effort to develop and implement a communication plan. CAG discussions have generated a list of important tasks that will support the work of the HRA overall, including:

  • Developing a communication plan;
  • Launching and maintaining the HRA website;
  • Developing a list of influential change agent and stakeholder groups, and articulating specific and bite-sized actions that individuals in these groups can take;
  • Showcasing stories of HIBAR successes;
  • Developing shared communication resources; and
  • Developing a process for enabling new participants to contribute to HRA activities.

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